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What is Restoril?

Becoming Sleeping Beauty takes some people more work than others. Trouble falling asleep or the inability to stay sleeping is considered insomnia. When all-natural sleep supplements don’t do the trick, doctors prescribe sedatives such as Restoril. Restoril is a short-term basis treatment for insomnia. Taking this capsule should relax your mind and help you fall asleep right away. This medication has the strength to put you to sleep, but is it what you are looking for?

How does Restoril work?

Restoril contains the active ingredient temazepam. This hypnotic works by slowing the activity in your brain. Relaxing your mind produces a calming effect and in turn, helps you fall asleep. Taking this capsule on a short-term basis will help increase sleep quality and sleep duration. Once you take Restoril, you should plan on going to bed soon, and for a solid 7-8 hours.

Will Restoril show results?

Restoril should improve your sleeping patterns within 7-10 days of using it. But that isn’t the only result you may see from Restoril.

Side effects associated with Restoril include a groggy morning after, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing. Serious side effects include memory loss, anxiety, allergic reactions, and abnormal thoughts and behavior such as depression or hallucinations. It is important to note that doctors prescribe Restoril for only 7-10 days to decrease the likelihood of tolerance or dependence

The Final Story

Prescription medication always comes with risk. If you want the power and strength that comes with prescription, you have to consider the potential problems. Doctors typically prescribe medication because they deem the benefits greater than the side effects, but you have to decide what will be best for you. Treating your insomnia with Restoril will be effective but there may be other alternatives that can be just as effective.